U.S. House of Representatives(WASHINGTON) — Rep. Anna Eshoo, the California Democrat who was first approached by Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh’s accuser over the summer, describes Christine Blasey Ford as a “gentle, honest person who may change people’s minds.”
Eshoo told ABC News' "Powerhouse Politics" podcast host Jonathan Karl that she met with the college professor for almost two hours face-to-face over the July Fourth holiday when she wanted to share her story.
“My constituent is not a creature of Washington, D.C.," Eshoo said. "That's not who she is.”
Eshoo, who said Ford discreetly called her district office, recounted how she wanted to make sure the alleged victim felt comfortable, and that her privacy would be respected. “I think that, you know, her soft-spoken nature but the power of her story, and her honesty and her intelligence will certainly be on display," Eshoo said of possible public testimony by Ford.
“She is I believe a very honest person. And what was so apparent to me was how this the effect it had on her in her in her adult life," Eshoo said. "That's why I think she has courage she's demonstrated an enormous amount of courage to come forward to tell her full story to the American people.”
The Democratic congresswoman said she believes Ford understands the risks of coming forward.
“She certainly waived her privacy and the consequences to herself and her family, and she's demonstrated her willingness to risk these factors to present the truth. This is a terrifying experience to move from living in the neighborhood of going to work every day.
Eshoo continued, saying “She really is your next door neighbor a professor that lives next door. You know she's involved in her in her children's lives from you know all their sports undertakings in that. And there will be in my view they'll be the American people will see a real contrast between the two given where they come from.”
Eshoo says that once Ford relayed her story, she decided Eshoo should move the revelations forward. “I subsequently shared with her that a letter should be written to Senator Diane Feinstein. She represents her as well.”
The California congresswoman said she wants to make sure there is no rush to judgment. “I believe that my constituents should be received in that hearing room with the utmost respect — number one — and with a presumption of honesty.”
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