DuBois, PA – The DuBois Area High School remains closed today as professional cleaning crews are still attempting to find and eliminate any mold in the building.

The school has been closed since Thursday.

District officials say that they’re playing it safe and don’t want to put any students at risk of being exposed to mold.

After the cleaning crews are finished, the building will be tested again to make sure that the air quality is safe.

The school district says the mold was mainly caused by the high humidity that has been affecting our area, which was made worse by the large amount of rain we’ve had recently.

A professional cleaning company is working diligently to clean the affected classrooms, however the cleaning will take several days.

The closure only affects students who would usually be in the DuBois Area High School building.

It does not affect the elementary or middle school, and students taking classes at Jeff Tech or Penn State are still expected to attend on those campuses as usual.

We’ll be keeping you updated, and the DuBois Area School District website will continue to share how the cleaning process is going.