The DuBois Area High School will be closed effective today and will remain closed until further notice due to air quality. Jeff Tech students and Penn State classes will continue to operate as normal.

Once again, our area experienced significant rainfall for the past couple of days which resulted in elevated humidity conditions in the high school. During inspections of the first floor classrooms by the district’s environmental consultant, over a dozen classrooms, cafeteria, and indoor pool had elevated humidity and air quality concerns.

As a result, the high school will be closed until professional cleaning and dehumidification can occur. The environmental consultant will complete the inspections of the second floor classrooms and collect air samples today. Once the professional cleaning and dehumidification is completed, confirmatory air sampling will occur to ensure the cleaning was effective to address the air quality concerns.

The DuBois Area School District says they are taking every precaution necessary to ensure the health and safety of our students and staff.

This affects only the students at the DuBois Area High School, not at any other building in the district.

Learn more at the DuBois Area School District website.