Pennsylvania – Labor Day means good food with family and friends, but what if you run into some last-minute trouble grilling that juicy steak on Monday? Longhorn Steakhouse is opening its Grill Us Hotline.

On Sunday from 11 until 4 and Monday from 10 until 4, you can call 1-855-LH-GRILL to get expert advice.

You can also text 55702 anytime to get grilling advice. They’re give you two messages per request with free advice. Standard texting rates from your phone company will apply.

Grilling tips are also available on the Longhorn Steakhouse Facebook page or by messaging them on Facebook.

Check out the Grill Us Hotline website for more details.

Chris Stoner is the managing partner for Longhorn Steakhouse in Altoona gave us some tips.