ABC News(NEW YORK) — Pools are not just for swimming anymore.
They are now places you can downward dog, chair pose, child’s pose or namaste your way to ultimate relaxation, if you’re able to — literally — stay on board.
TMPL GYM in New York City holds its yoga class right in the middle of the gym's saltwater pool.
The class, Holy Water Yoga, is practiced on floating fitness mats and lives up to its name. It is a holy experience to try to balance on the float while getting your Zen on with yoga poses.
"On land, it's hard enough to balance on one foot, so multiply that by ten on water and it's extra challenging," said Corey Schadeck, group fitness director at TMPL GYM.
The Zen in this type of yoga comes from the very thing you're trying to balance atop of — the water, experts say.
"On water, there's an element of tranquility to the sound of water," Schadeck said. "[It's] relaxing the mind [and] taking away inhibitions of balance because when you fall in the water, it's almost playful."
David Barton, the founder of TMPL GYM, said knowing that you'll just fall into water keeps the practice fun while it challenges you.
"[You're] using muscles that you otherwise might not be aware of that you need to stabilize your body … and it's fun," he said. "You work out and fall in the water, splash around and cool off."
If you're ready to give aqua yoga a try, you don’t have to be in New York City. TMPL's Holy Water class is based on the principles of FloatFit, a class available around the world.
The company behind FloatFit is Aquaphysical, the designers of the Aquabase, the world’s first floating exercise mat.
The one-of-a-kind mat is used in 55 countries and there are over 1,000 instructors certified to teach using the mat, according to Aquaphysical.
You can also bring the Aquabase to your backyard pool, for a price. It is available for sale for nearly $700.
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