Falls Creek, PA – A Falls Creek family lost their home but escaped without injuries after a house fire Friday afternoon.

Fire crews were called out to the home of David and Tammy Salgado on 3rd Street in Falls Creek around 2:30 p.m. Friday.

Although firefighters had no problems extinguishing the flames, the home was a complete loss.

The fire started after David Salgado was outside burning a yellow jacket nest under the front porch with gasoline.

Although David burned his hand, there were no other injuries. His wife and two children were able to escape unharmed, along with their three cats.

The house had been a Habitat for Humanity home, built in 2009. Damage is estimated at $100,000.

The Red Cross is helping the family to stay at a hotel for now.

A neighbor started a drive to collect clothing, toiletries, and school supplies for the Salgado family.

All donations can be taken to Comfort Suites in DuBois.


Sizes for clothing:

Man’s large shirt, 34/36 pants

Woman’s extra small shirt, size 5 pants

Teen boy’s large shirt, size 18/20 pants

Young girl’s size 7/8 shirts and pants


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