Brookville, PA – Kids in Brookville are singing the praises of a local family… literally. A Brookville elementary school is getting a beautiful Baldwin piano as a generous donation.

The piano comes from two brothers, Larry and Bob Horton, sons of Marian Lettie Chitester of Brookville.

While they were helping their mother move and realized none of them could keep the family piano, they wanted to make sure it went somewhere where it could make a difference.

Brookville music teacher Laura Grabigel is happy to have a piano for her first and second graders at Pinecreek Elementary.

Piano donated by Marian Lettie nee Marian Chitester, born in Brookville, PA in 1925.

Left to right in photo: Larry Horton of Katy, TX; Sue Horton of Columbus, OH; Bob Horton of Columbus, OH; Dr. Robin Fillman; Bob Fiscus

Larry and Bob were born in Brookville, PA

Brookville piano donation

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