Clearfield, PA – Two ambitious children helped bring in big donations for the Child Advocacy Center in Clearfield County.

8-year-old Claire Smyers-North of Glasgow painted a picture and auctioned the artwork off on her mother’s Facebook page.

A little boy, 7-year-old Brayden Rydbom of Flinton counted the money in his piggy bank and asked his mother to make a bid of $80 on the artwork.

After Brayden’s bid, everyone started adding to the donation and Brayden’s bid quickly grew to $600.

Claire raised over $2,000 from her auction and she has donated those funds to 15 different charities including the Child Advocacy Center of Clearfield County.

Claire and Brayden recently met with Clearfield County District Attorney Bill Shaw Jr. to be recognized for their generosity.

Claire said, “I am very thankful that Brayden helped me raise all that money!”  Brayden explained, “I wanted to give kids money, so I can help them be safe and healthy.  I don’t want kids to ever be hurt.”

“I think it was very nice of Mr. Shaw to work so hard to get the Children’s Advocacy Center open.  They help children through bad things.”

Shaw thanked Clair and Brayden for their hard work and for choosing to help support the Child Advocacy Center.

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