Harrisburg, PA – Two portions of Interstate 80 in Clearfield and Jefferson Counties have been designated as highway safety corridors, which will double fines and hopefully reduce the number of crashes.

Senator Joe Scarnati (R-25) explained that he worked with PennDOT to implement these two new safety corridors along the interstate.

State law allows for a highway safety corridor for the portion of a highway determined by a traffic study to be targeted for the application of signs, increased levels of enforcement and increased penalties specifically for the purpose of eliminating or reducing unsafe driver behaviors that are known to result in crashes and fatalities.

“Many constituents have voiced concerns to me about the high number of traffic problems and accidents throughout portions of Interstate 80,” Scarnati said.  “I thank PennDOT for working with me to address this problem by implementing these safety corridors, as a way to help protect motorists and passengers traveling on this heavily utilized highway.”

In Jefferson County the safety corridor will be between mile markers 78 and 95.  In Clearfield County the safety corridor will be between mile markers 108 and 120.

Signage designating the new safety corridors has been placed throughout the stretches of highway by PennDOT.  The signage will be visible at several points on both the eastbound and westbound lanes.

“Traffic incidents that occur in these highway stretches often lead to fatalities and vehicle backups that last for hours,” Scarnati stated.  “There have been many accidents in these areas during bad weather and with winter coming, it is my hope that these safety corridors will help drivers to be more aware and slowdown in an effort to reduce hazards on I-80.”

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