Clearfield, PA – Two separate but unusual thefts are being reported in Clearfield County.

In the first, someone stole food from a home in Grassflat and possibly damaged the owner’s vehicle.

A 62-year-old man says someone went into his home on Camel Street in Grassflat sometime between Aug. 10 and 12 and stole a package of steaks, hamburger, a cantaloupe, toilet paper, and paper towels, valued at a total of $30.

The victim believes the thief also did something to his 2004 Chevy Blazer because it won’t start, even though it was fine when he last parked it.


In another unusual theft, someone stole a pool stick from a 57-year-old Osceola Mills man. The unknown person reportedly stole the billiard equipment sometime either Aug. 14 or 15.

The pool stick is valued at $275 and is a pearl color with a black hard case.


If you know who might have been involved in either of these thefts, please call State Police in Clearfield at 814-857-3800.

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