Clearfield and Jefferson Counties, PA – Yet another bridge is scheduled to get fixed in Jefferson County.

Mill Road and Mill Street bridge, which goes over Mahoning Creek in Big Run and Gaskill Township, is going to be worked on from July 30 until early November. During that time, signs will guide you through a detour using Route 119, Cloe Lake Road, and Jackson Run Road.

Replacement of a bridge over Snyder Run, about one mile south of Mahaffey in Clearfield County, is already underway. For at least the next month, expect to be rerouted through Route 36 near Mahaffey instead of using the bridge. A temporary road will be finished in August, and a new bridge will be open in Mahaffey sometime in mid-October.

Starting on Monday, another bridge in Jefferson County will be getting replaced. Construction will shut down Berry Road Bridge in Stump Creek from July 23 until late September. During that time, drivers will be directed to follow a detour along Route 119 and Route 410.

This is part of a state-wide initiative called the Rapid Bridge Replacement Project. About 20 percent of Pennsylvania’s bridges were found to be unstable, so the project is aiming to replacing 558 structurally deficient bridges over a 3-year period.

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