DuBois, PA – We were so excited to have the kids in 2nd through 6th grades from the DuBois YMCA summer camp take a tour of our radio station studios!

It was a large group, but everyone was so well behaved and curious about how our radio stations operate.

We were happy to give a tour, answer questions, record the kids on our microphones, and hand out balloons!

Some questions that the kids wanted to know:

* Who are the people we hear on the radio? (We introduced them to everyone who was here!)

* How do you say things on the radio? (The kids got to record themselves on our microphones!)

Listen to the special messages the kids got to record, wishing you a happy summer!

* How do we play music at the radio station? (Unfortunately, the bands aren’t here with us! We choose songs to play through our computer systems, and then everyone can hear that when they tune in.)

Kids Tour 2-6 YMCA 2018

The 2nd through 6th grade kids at the DuBois Area YMCA summer day camp program got to tour our radio station studios and even record a special message! Thanks for coming, everyone!

Posted by Sunny 106 on Tuesday, July 10, 2018

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