Harrisburg, PA – Hunger is an issue that affects everyone… from rural families to urban cities, there are always people who don’t know when they’ll get their next meal. Unfortunately, it also affects children.

Senator Joe Scarnati was part of a group that for the past 9 years has been maintaining a Hunger Garden near the State Capitol Building in Harrisburg.

Volunteers work together to tend to the garden, then donate 700 to 800 pounds of fruits and vegetables each year to food pantries in Pennsylvania.

However, there are plenty of more local ways that you can make sure that families in our area are fed.

**  Donate shelf-stable foods (like peanut butter, canned meat or tuna, “just-add-water” boxed meal kits, powdered milk, etc) to a local food pantry like the DuBois Ministerial Food Bank or the Salvation Army.

**  If you suspect that someone in your neighborhood is struggling, leave an anonymous card with a gift certificate to a grocery store. Or, invite them to your house for dinner and make a new friend!

**  Refer hungry families with children to summer lunch programs. In the DuBois Area School District, on Wednesdays and Thursdays from July 10 until Aug. 9, kids can eat for free from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the CG Johnson Elementary School, DuBois Middle School, and Treasure Lake Church.

Every little bit counts!

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