Elk County, PA – What started as a disastrous camping trip for a family with a terminally ill son… turned into an outpouring of love and a true example of the Golden Rule:  Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

The family, who remains anonymous along with all of the Good Samaritans in this story, had been in Pittsburgh for weeks, receiving lengthy medical treatments for their son. When there was a break in the treatment, all the little boy wanted to do was go camping. The mother and her three kids set out for Allegheny National Forest, passing through Elk County first to see the wildlife.

However, disaster struck and it seemed like the vacation was ruined when their car’s engine failed. A state trooper from the Ridgway station stopped to help and offered to help as much as he could. By the time that the word had spread about the family’s plight, everyone wanted to be involved.

Listen to the full story from Trooper Bruce Morris from the Ridgway State Police.

The family received everything from free hot meals, nights in hotels, grills brought directly to them so the boy could experience a cookout (even if it wasn’t exactly camping), and even a donated car to replace theirs that had broken down.

Throughout the entirety of the situation, no one wanted to take any credit. The identities of the troopers, business owners, and citizens who help out has agreed to be kept private.

This is truly an example that the majority of people are good and are eager to help others, which is certainly something to be proud of.

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