Jefferson County, PA – As people in Jefferson County get their mail today, many of them will realize that their mailboxes have been smashed in a spree of vandalism in the county.

Police have already received at least two dozen reports of damaged mailboxes in Union, Clover, Rose, Oliver, Knox, and Pine Creek Townships.

Police believe that early Sunday morning, some still unknown male suspects drove around their area and smashed the mailboxes. They think they had been driving around without their headlights on so they were less likely to be seen.

If you know who might have involved, please call State Police in Punxsutawney at 814-938-0510. As always when you report any crime, you can remain anonymous.

Tips for preventing mailbox vandalism:

** If your mailbox ever gets vandalism or if a piece of mail is stolen, report it to police and to your local post office. They can keep track of how many complaints they get and see if there is a pattern or if it’s an isolated incident.

** Take care of your mailbox. If you make it seem as through you take particular care of your property, vandals might be less likely to damage it or might be concerned that someone would be watching them damage the item.

** Consider installing security cameras and lights around your property. This is not only helpful for preventing mailbox vandalism, but also other vandalism and burglary.

** Install a sturdier mailbox. Many companies now make “indestructible” mailboxes, but you can also just install a metal post instead of a wooden one.

** If it is an ongoing problem, your mailbox might be getting hit accidentally by vehicles. Ask at your local post office if you can move your mailbox further away from the road.

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