Clearfield, PA – The suspects charged in the murder case of 19-year-old Chase Anderson were in court again recently.

22-year-old Kenja Tew of Glen Richey and 38-year-old Denny Bailey of Woodland both face criminal homicide charges.

26-year-old Chantell Demi faces charges of criminal conspiracy. She and 38-year-old Joseph Ralston of Curwensville allegedly lit a vehicle on fire after the murder to hide the evidence.

Chase Anderson’s body was found on Aug. 26 in the woods in Pike Township, Clearfield County. Bailey and Tew eventually took responsibility for Anderson’s murder. They allegedly stabbed him multiple times before setting fire to his body.

Anderson had reportedly been working for Bailey and was delivering meth and other drugs from Pittsburgh. Police say the murder was planned after Anderson was reportedly sexually involved with Bailey’s girlfriend, Demi.

In the latest update for the case, Ralston’s attorney asked for his bail to be lowered but was denied. The defense teams for Tew and Demi were granted extra time to file pre-trial motions.

All of them remain incarcerated. There no word yet on when a trial will finally move forward.

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