Brockway, PA – Several students from Brockway made the journey to Germany, continuing the GAPP (German American Partnership Program) exchange and visiting the school which had sent students to Brockway earlier this year.

The GAPP exchange was started by German teacher at Brockway Eric Stawecki in 2011. It has continued since, sending students back and forth. Students from Hann. Munden, Germany can come to America for a month in spring, and our local students have the option of going there in summer.

Listen to the full interview with German teacher Eric Stawecki, students who traveled this year, and news director Brittany Madera.

Students who traveled this year are Mariah Alanskas, Austin Bullers, Weston Hrin, Kayla Jamison, Taylor Little, David Nagele. Chaperones are Eric Stawecki and Christine Alanskas.

Video interview with Austin Bullers

You can also listen to the interview from earlier this year when Nicola Kampe and Till Teichmann from Germany came to Brockway.

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