Brockway, PA – If you live in the Brockway Area School District, your taxes are about to increase. The Brockway school board voted to increase the millage to make up for a lack of state funding.

The mills for Jefferson County will go from 19.40 to 20.34 mills while Elk County goes from 24.95 to 26.23.

That means if you live in the Jefferson County portion of the Brockway School District, the average home (worth about $50,000) will see an annual increase of about $47.

For the district’s taxpayers in Elk County, the average home (worth about $30,000) will pay about an extra $42 annually.

The board said the increase is necessary to meet the school’s obligations. Superintendent Dan Hawkins said that communities need to push for more public school funding as the state has decreased the amount of money going to schools while the schools’ obligations continue to rise.

The school board meets again June 22.

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