Brockway, PA – Brian Mulhollan will be the new principal at the Brockway Area School District.

The administration has shuffled around over the past few weeks, with Jeff Vizza, the co-principal at the junior-senior high school, taking over for the recently retired Brockway superintendent, Dan Hawkins.

Now Brian Mulhollan will come from DuBois to fill the place of Vizza.

Mulhollan was selected by a unanimous vote at Brockway’s board meeting May 22.

The position is shared by both Brockway Area Elementary School and Brockway Area Junior-Senior High School. Mulhollan is currently the assistant principal at DuBois Area High School.

Superintendent Dan Hawkins, who is set to retire at the end of the school year, praised Mulhollan.

Mulhollan has 27 years of experience in education and has worked in vocational schools as well as junior and senior high schools. He said he was elated to get the position and looks forward to the new challenges he will face at Brockway.

Brian Mulhullan Brockway

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