DuBois, PA – After a weekend apartment fire along West Long Avenue left about 20 people without homes, the community is pulling together to help the victims.

Red Cross has already given each family money to help get them back on their feet, along with everyday hygiene items.

Beth Sawyer, from the PA Mountains Chapter of the American Red Cross, says a monetary donation can go a lot further than donating a physical item.

When you donate money, the cash is already there for the Red Cross to give as soon as a fire happens. It also allows the families to choose their own items, which can bring a nice sense of normalcy in the wake of a disaster.

You can make a donation online at the local Red Cross website or by calling 814-371-2750.

If you’d like to donate an actual item, the victims of the recent West Long Avenue apartment building fire have been referred to the following places to get things like furniture or clothing:

** Christian Missionary Church (814-371-7471)

** Agape Community Services (814-375-9120)

** Goodwill of North Central PA (814-371-2821)

** Salvation Army of DuBois (814-371-5320)

You can make a donation to any of those to help out not only these families affected by the fire, but also other families in need.

Do you know of a donation drive specifically for the families who were affected? Please call our radio station offices at 814-372-1065 or email [email protected]


Information about the fire itself

Fortunately there were no serious injuries in the weekend fire that destroyed an apartment building and business in DuBois, but several people did have to go to the hospital. The building is a complete loss.

The fire broke out around 10 a.m. Saturday morning on West Long Avenue, at Mike’s Lock and Hardware.

The building is owned by John Shuttleworth of Reynoldsville but was rented by the storefront tenant, Mike Rudzinski.

Investigators say the fire started on the first floor, within the hardware store, but there’s still no word on the exact cause. It spread to the apartments in the second and third floors.

Several residents fled via the fire escape, and one man had to be rescued by firefighters from the roof of the building.

Three tenants and two firefighters were treated at Penn Highlands DuBois for minor injuries.

Damage is estimated at more than $500,000.

We’ll be continuing to update you on the possible reasons behind the fire, the damage involved, how residents and businesses are coping, and how you can help in the aftermath.


Photos taken three days after the fire, on Tuesday, May 22.



Photos taken during the fire on Saturday, May 19.

The following two photos are used with permission from and thanks to Shana Todd.


The following three photos are used with permission from and thanks to Jim Whited.



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