Punxsutawney, PA – An 11-year-old boy reportedly threatened to bring a gun to school and shoot his teacher at the Punxsutawney School District.

The elementary student allegedly made the comments on the bus ride home from school on Friday afternoon.

Police interviewed the boy, other students, and his family. They found that the threat wasn’t credible, but police will be at Mapleview Elementary today during student arrival just a precautionary measure.

Nationwide, there have already been 22 school shooting that have injured or killed someone since the start of 2018. The latest one took the lives of 10 people at a school in Sante Fe, Texas.

As students hear about these shootings throughout the country, some react by making threats of their own.

Making threats is never a joke. Remind your students that these kinds of fake threats can lead to serious charges. They distract police from important work, are a waste of resources, and can lead to panic.

Students can always talk to a trusted adult if they’re having problems (such as a parent, teacher, guidance counselor, coach, or administrator).

If they hear someone else making a threat or having trouble, they should speak up and tell someone right away. It’s not snitching… it’s making sure that everyone is safe.

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