DuBois, PA – As families are preparing for prom, a dramatic mock car crash helped teach the students at the DuBois High School a valuable lesson about careless or impaired driving.

Dusan Ambulance helped set the scene, with two donated cars already smashed together when students walked out into the parking lot yesterday.

Prom committee volunteers acted as victims of the crash, showing injuries, a DUI arrest, and even a death.

Watch the full mock accident demonstration.

2018 Mock Accident at DuBois High School

A mock accident at DuBois High School, teaching the students before prom a valuable lesson about careless or impaired driving. Thanks to Amserv LTD Dusan Community Ambulance and the students on the prom committee for putting on this demonstration!

Posted by Sunny 106 on Thursday, May 17, 2018

The ambulance company, fire crews, police, funeral workers, and even a Lifelight helicopter joined together to make sure the kids understood the risks and what can happen when you choose to drink and drive.


DuBois High School juniors Trulee Stainbrook and Kelli Hoffer talk about their roles on the prom committee and what affects it has on the students to have a mock demonstration of a DUI crash.

Julie Shepherd from Dusan talks about what it’s like to perform a mock DUI crash and why it’s so important to teach the students these important lessons.

Ben Blakley, DuBois fire chief, talks about how mock accidents help show students the real consequences of poor choices. Although this mock car crash was obviously fake, there are many more real crashes that unfortunately happen under similar circumstances.


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