Grampian, PA – A Grampian man who’s accused of sexually assaulting a teen girl who has autism attempted to withdraw his plea agreement in court.

19-year-old Boeragard Myers allegedly touched the 14-year-old girl while she was sleeping in early April at a home in Burnside Township.

The girl told another teen about the assault, who then told adults. The girl reportedly has high-functioning autism.

The teen says she was confused when she woke up and felt Myers touching her. She rolled over, but he continued. She says that’s when she got up and left the room.

Although Myers first claimed he didn’t assault the teen girl, he asked for a polygraph test and eventually confessed.

Myers’ lawyer says his client didn’t understand what he was doing when he signed a plea agreement. The judge initially refused to allow Myers to withdraw his plea, but he will be allowed to file an amendment and discuss the case in full detail at another hearing.

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