DuBois, PA – People throughout our country will pause for a moment today for the National Day of Prayer.

Local churches, community members, politicians and government officials will join together at the courtyard of the DuBois City Building tonight from 6 until 7 p.m., and you’re invited to come too.

If it’s raining tonight at 6, the prayer ceremony will be moved to inside the City Building. The theme this year is praying for unity in our country.

If you cannot make it to the event itself, please listen on 107.9 and 96.7 Connect FM or at the live stream on connectradio.fm.

Check out our page for the DuBois 2018 National Day of Prayer.

Tammy Meholick, who organizes the event in DuBois, says it’s a simple gesture that makes a big difference.

It’s held every year on the first Thursday of May and offers a time for churches to come together and encourage people to make time in their busy days to pray for the nation, the government, their families, education, and communities.

Visit the National Day of Prayer for more information of the efforts around the country.

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