Clearfield County, PA – Do you lock your doors at night? Police are warning residents and businesses to lock up to help prevent thieves from breaking in.

One of the simplest things you can do to prevent crime, as either a business or an everyday person, is just to lock up your home and your vehicle.

Thieves look for easy targets, but they’ll often move on if they test out a door and find that it’s locked.

You can also discourage thieves from breaking in by parking in a well-lit area and installing motion-sensor lights on the outside of your building.

If you do own a business, make sure that police have your updated contact information so they know who to get in touch with if they notice something strange while you’re not there.

Tell your local police if you notice anything strange. Even if you don’t want to file a full police report, they can at least make a note and try to patrol the area more often.

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