Pennsylvania – No question about it… “selfie culture” has completely changed how we visit museums, zoos, art galleries, restaurants, and really anywhere that has something interesting where we can take of photo of ourselves.

That means that businesses, the smart ones at least, are adjusting their layouts to make things more photo-friendly.

Listen to comments from Tom Zaller, the CEO of Imagine Exhibitions, who has worked on exhibits promoting things like Jurassic World, Hunger Games, and Downtown Abbey.

Embracing the selfie phenomenon and encouraging people to take photos is now a part of basic business marketing. More selfies means more people are sharing those photos and talking about their trip to a fun location.

Ways to encourage photos and selfies at your business:

**  Have something fun to take a photo with… a sign, statue, sculpture, cardboard cutout, or just a beautiful location.

**  Have good lighting. Make sure there is some lighting coming from the same direction as the camera will be facing.

**  Have a sign nearby that encourages people to tag your business’s location in their photos or to use a specific hashtag.

**  Hold a contest for the best photo.

**  Consider exchanging photos for a discount. If someone can show the cashier a photo of themselves with a specific product, offer them a certain percent off their bill.

**  Feature a customer photo on your website or social media each week.

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