Brookville, PA – Yet again, as tax season is coming to a close, more reports are coming in about people getting phone calls from scammers who claim to be from the IRS.

A Brookville woman recently got a call from a man with an Arabic accent, from a number she didn’t recognize, who said that she owed money to the IRS. The caller demanded that the victim send money or she would be arrested.

Because she had heard about scams like this before, the woman did the smart thing and immediately hung up. She also called police to tell them what had happened.

If you get a similar phone call, follow this Brookville woman’s good example. Just hang up, then alert police.


Police say that the IRS scams are happening nationwide, but they’re already dealt with dozens of cases this year in just our area. These con artists can sound convincing when they call. They might use fake names or bogus IRS identification badge number to sound more legitimate.

The scam artists will call by phone and say that you owe money to the IRS. They demand payment immediately, usually through a wire transfer or pre-paid card, and they might even threaten that to have the victim arrested if they don’t pay. Don’t fall for it.

Remember, the IRS will never call you and demand for payments, even if you actually do owe the IRS money. If it’s a legitimate notice from the IRS, it will come in the mail and will instruct you to call the official IRS number (1-800-829-1040) to take with a real IRS official.

If you get a phone call asking for or demanding money, it is nearly always a scam. Hang up and tell police.

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