Osceola Mills, PA – An Osceola Mills woman was sentenced to up to 7 years in state prison in connection with the abuse of her then 3-week-old daughter.

23-year-old Stephanie McGuire and the baby’s father, 33-year-old Aaron Mills, were both charged after their daughter was found with two broken legs, broken ribs, severe diaper rash, and other internal injuries.

McGuire pleaded guilty to endangering the welfare of a child, criminal conspiracy, simple assault, recklessly endangering another person and possession of drug paraphernalia. She was sentenced to 2 to 7 years in state prison, followed by 3 years of probation.

McGuire’s defense argument that the woman had taken to the baby to the doctor’s office four times before because of severe diaper rash and because the baby wasn’t eating. She says doctors just told her to use Vaseline and didn’t prescribe anything else for the rash. McGuire also said that Mills had been taking care of the baby when the night the abuse happened because she needed to sleep.

Both parents took a guilty plea. Mills was sentenced in February and received 15 to 40 years in state prison. Attorney Bill Shaw says that drug addiction likely played a role in this case, causing extremely dangerous and negligent parenting.

Both parents have been held in the jail since the case began 13 months ago in March of 2017. They have not been in contact with their daughter since. The baby has made a full recovery and is the care of Child and Youth Services.

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