DuBois, PA – There was a tasty treat waiting for students at DCC as they were preparing for their tests recently.

Susie Maurer teaches her 4th and 5th grade English students about persuasive writing with Oreo cookies… OREO.

First they state their opinion, O, then they give a reason, R, and explanation, E, and then end it again with their opinion, O.

It’s in preparation for the Erie Writing Assessment for Catholic schools this spring. Although no one knows what the prompt for the persuasive writing section will be, Susie Maurer tries to prepare the students to give opinions on things that are important to them… like whether students should wear uniforms or whether teachers should give homework.

Hear the full interview with teacher Susie Maurer, talking about the Oreo project and what she hopes her students learn throughout their time at DCC.

About 80 students got to enjoy the cookies after all of their hard work.

Congratulations and thank you to all of the teacher at DCC and all of the other schools for making learning fun for our kids.

Oreo persuasive party DCC

In this photo, two DCC students share in the fun of enjoying their cookies after writing.

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