Pittsburgh, PA – There’s one group of people whose taxes will always be more complicated than yours… professional baseball players.

Professional baseball players – and even umpires – have to deal with filing income tax in 10, 12 or more states. Because of the way the MLB schedule works, some teams play in fewer states than others and will therefore have an easier tax filing experience.

Listen to the full interview from Nate Rigney, the lead research analyst for The Tax Institute at H&R Block.


  • How do taxes affect MLB players?
  • Do MLB players have to pay taxes everywhere they go?
  • With all these MLB games, who does it affect?
  • When working in other states, how does that affect the way you apply in your home state?
  • Some states have income tax, and some don’t.  How will this affect filing your taxes?
  • Some states have income tax, and some don’t. How will this affect MLB teams?
  • When MLB teams play in Canada, does that affect their taxes as well?
  • Is it better to play for the National League or the American League?
  • Just how complicated is it to file your taxes when working for the MLB?

Ah, Spring! The smell of fresh cut grass, the crack of the bat and any disappointments of last baseball season give way to the optimism that “there’s always next season” is finally here.

Well, in one way, we already know how the 2018 season is going to go for your favorite teams and who is going to come out on top. While the Mets and Phillies will have the worst of it, the Diamondbacks will have the best season. Tax season, that is.

The deadline to file taxes for this year in by the end of business on Tuesday, April 17, 2018.

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