Pennsylvania – More employers are looking at social media accounts when deciding who to hire.

Job seekers might want to consider deleting any photos that show them in an unprofessional setting and any comments that you wouldn’t want someone to hear you say in the workplace.

However, social media marketing expert Terry Rice, says it’s a delicate balance between remaining professional and being who you actually are.

Even if you’re not posting scandalous photos, you might still be making some mistakes that will turn off a potential employer. Make sure your profile picture is actually a photo of you, and it helps if you’re smiling.

Consider deleting any grumpy status updates you might have made, even if it’s as simple as something like complaining about the rain. You’ll come off as a more positive person.

On average, people will spend only a few minutes looking at your profile, so make sure that your best photos and qualities are front and center.

You never know who might be looking at your social media accounts!

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