Brockway, PA – While it was not an official debate, two candidates for the 66th Legislative District had a chance to compare ideas and appeal to young voters at Brockway Area Junior-Senior High School.

Incumbent Representative Cris Dush and Kerith Strano Taylor accepted history teacher Rachel Chamberlain’s request to talk to students about their visions for Pennsylvania.

While most of the conversation was around the gerrymandering case, the two candidates laid out very different views on what needs to be done to help improve Pennsylvania’s finances.

Representative Dush blamed regulations for the state’s financial problems while Strano Taylor cited lowering the corporate tax rate from 37% to 15%.

When pressed on the new district lines, Representative Dush said that he agreed that the old lines were wrong, but the state supreme court overstepped its bounds in drawing new ones.  Strano Taylor cited the US Supreme Court’s refusal to hear the case as evidence that the court did not overstep its bounds.

The disagreement, however, faded when asked about school safety.  Both candidates laid out very similar ideas for how to improve schools in the future.

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