McCalmont Township, PA – Police are investigating possible child neglect after a doctor reported warning signs during a recent dental exam.

Police came to check on the 4-year-old boy on March 22 at his home along Hemlock Road in McCalmont Township, between Reynoldsville and Punxsutawney after receiving the report.

Doctors, nurses, teachers, and many other professions are mandatory reporters, which means that they can face penalties if they suspect abuse or neglect and don’t report it to authorities.

Police do not say what specific warning signs led the doctor to report the possible neglect on March 22. The investigation is ongoing.

A 43-year-old man and a 39-year-old woman from Punxsutawney are now facing charges in connection with the child endangerment.

Many times, these cases are handled by Children and Youth Services (CYS). The family generally remains unnamed in police reports, allowing the child to lead as normal as a life as possible while CYS makes sure that they’re safe.

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