Jefferson County, PA – The two ringleaders of an interstate crystal meth ring have been sentenced to 150 years in prison, effectively keeping them behind bars for the rest of their lives.

59-year-old Larry Dean of Mayport, PA, and 51-year-old Daniel Hopkins of Tucson, AZ, were among the 30 people who were charged in Operation Snail Mail last September.

Investigators say the drug dealers were shipping and selling $1.6 million worth of crystal meth via the US Postal System. At least 35 pounds of meth was shipped from Arizona and California to North Central Pennsylvania. The amount of drugs sold would equal somewhere between 32,000 and 64,000 doses of meth, spread throughout Clearfield, Jefferson, Elk, Clarion, and Forest counties.

Listen to statements from Attorney General Josh Shapiro about Operation Snail Mail and the problem of drugs throughout Pennsylvania.

Hopkins was sentenced to 95 to 190 years in prison. Dean was sentenced to 55 to 143 years in prison. Local ringleaders included Joseph Kot, Sr., who was previously sentenced to 20 years in state prison. Dale Hanlin was sentenced to 8 to 17 years.

The following people were charged in September of 2017 in the Operation Snail Mail investigation:

Joshua Carson, 32, of Victorville, CA
Eric Clark, 38, of Brockway, PA
Larry Dean, 58, of Mayport, PA
Destiny Douglas, 21, of DuBois, PA
Anthony Dubeck, 57, of DuBois, PA
Angela Gilbert, 20, of DuBois, PA
Patrick Groves, 36, of Reynoldsville, PA
Jeanne Gouldthread, 34, of DuBois, PA
Dale Hanlin, 66, of Cooksburg, PA
Tracy Harmon, 56, Mayport, PA
Daniel Hopkins, 50, Tucson, AZ
Deren Issler, 51, of Brockway, PA
Christina Kinder, 43, of DuBois, PA
Joseph Kot, Sr., 38, of DuBois, PA
Matthew McKinley, 47, of Brookville, PA
Sasha Messina, 27, of Shippenville, PA
Marc Panzer, 35, of Brookville, PA
Brian Pentz, 31, of DuBois, PA
Meredith Pisoni, 38, of Brockway, PA
Shane Porrin, 32, of DuBois, PA
Sonya Pritchard, 52, of Bakersfield, CA
Brittney Royer, 27, Clearfield, PA
Renea Sherwood, 20, DuBois, PA
Mikelle Shetley, 32, of DuBois, PA
Tammy Smiley, 51, Falls Creek, PA
Mason Solida, 41, Brookville, PA
Kari Stoneberg, 40, DuBois, PA
George Watson, 50, Luthersburg, PA
Matthew Watson, 30, Luthersburg, PA
Michael Wolfgang, 27, Sigel, PA

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