Brockway, PA – It’s a dirty job, but Brockway is doing its part in paying for a sewage line project.

Brockway Borough Council signed an ordinance saying that they’ll pay $1.64 million for their share of the upgrades and pipe replacements to the sewer. This will be handled through debt services on the sewer bills.

All the surrounding municipalities agreed to secure their part of the project as well.  The existing sewage system needs upgrades and pipe replacements.

Council member Mike Martino explained that keeping up with maintenance is a necessary part of having a high-quality system.

The council got an update on the Old Fashioned Fourth of July celebration as well as the bike race.  The recreation committee said that the pool is getting ready and will be opened on May 31.  The council also placed the 2018 paving projects out to bid.

The borough council will meet again May 3 at 7 p.m.

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