Brockway, PA – Congressman Glenn Thompson paid a visit to Brockway high school students, talking about his new district and his take on gun laws.

History Teacher Rachel Chamberlain arranged the talk because it’s important for students to meet representatives and know who they’re voting for.

Answering questions from students, Thompson said that he strongly disagrees with the new map, but the “ink is dry,” so he has to make it work. He believes that the legislature has the power to draw the lines, not the judiciary.

Thompson also addressed the pressing issue of student protests and gun control. Several Brockway students wanted his opinion on the matter. He said that he understands the emotions of the protesters, but he does not agree with taking away people’s rights. He has met with some of the Parkland victims, and he admires their passion and said he believes what they really want is to feel safe.

Listen to Congressman Glenn Thompson’s full interview with Joe Taylor from March 2018

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