Pennsylvania – If you’re celebrating Easter, we hope you’re doing so in a special and meaningful way!

Many families are celebrating with annual traditions like going to a sunrise church service, having an egg hunt, dying eggs, or giving Easter baskets.

Candy, of course, is another big part of the Easter celebrations. Easter candies tend to fall in either the love ‘em or hate ’em categories for consumers. Both Peeps and Cadbury Eggs can be strongly debated on each side. Most Pennyslvanians say they love Peeps, likely because they’re made here in our state.

Chocolate bunnies are one of those candies where it’s hard to go wrong. But here’s an important question… when you eat a chocolate bunny, where do you bite first?

Sunny 106 and Connect FM’s Joe Taylor hit the DuBois Mall to ask some of your friends and neighbors how they celebrate Easter. He also asks maybe one of the most important questions… When you eat a chocolate bunny, do you start at the ears or the tail?

However you’re celebrating this Easter, we hope you have a wonderful and meaningful holiday!

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