Brookville, PA – Just since the Parkland school shooting in Florida last month, more than a dozen violent threats have been made at schools throughout Jefferson County.

Although most of the threats are made in the high schools, some of them have come from students as young as kindergarteners.

At Brookville, police and judges stopped by the school to make sure that students understand that making a threat is never a funny prank or a joke.

Whenever someone makes a threat, especially at a school, police jump into action immediately. That means they’re being taken away from real emergencies.

Students might think of making these threats as a way of getting attention or getting out of class, but it can have serious consequences. Most students who are caught faces charges that will follow them for the rest of their lives.

Let your kids know that threats are never a joke, and they can always talk to a trusted adult if they’re having problems (such as a parent, teacher, guidance counselor, coach, or administrator). If they hear someone else making a threat or having trouble, they should speak up and tell someone right away. It’s not snitching… it’s making sure that everyone is safe.

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