DuBois, PA – A group of people who are frustrated with the drug epidemic in our area have formed an action group, hoping to expose drug dealers and scare them out of our towns.

The problem hits close to home for John Saunders, the organizer of Community Action Against Drug Dealers. He and his wife had been married for more than 20 years and had what he thought was a perfect relationship.

However, several years ago, his now ex-wife had gotten what seemed to be a harmless opioid prescription from a doctor. She became addicted and tried to handle it herself and keep it a secret. Instead, she fell deeper into addiction and started using heroin and other drugs.

Saunders’ son has struggled with addiction as well.

John Saunders wants to make sure that some good comes out of his family’s pain. He wants to make sure that other people can find the resources they need for help and to keep the drug dealers out of our area.

Listen to the full interview with John Saunders about Community Action Against Drug Dealers.

He says that, although he knows that this could make him a target for drug dealers, this is a worthwhile cause. By exposing where the dealers live, work, and spread their drugs, more law enforcement will be aware of their presence.

Although Saunders knows that the dealers will always go where they can sell drugs and we might not be able to eliminate the problem entirely, we can at least make it more difficult for them to deal drugs here. If we make it difficult enough, it can force some of them to leave.

The Community Action Against Drug Dealers group plans on spreading the word about drug dealers that they know. The members plan on sharing photos of people who they suspect are bringing drugs into our counties and the houses where the dealers live.

Visit the Community Action Against Drug Dealers Facebook page to join the group and learn more.

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