DuBois, PA – A DuBois couple is facing animal abuse charges after their horse was found dead in January.

64-year-old Joseph Dush and 49-year-old Brenda Dush are accused of starving the horse to death.

Police received a complaint from a concerned citizen in late January that they saw a dead horse in a pasture along Kilmer Road.

Investigators found that the hay bale had twine around it and wasn’t opened, so the horse had no food. The fence was broken, so the horse had been tethered to a tree, without any shelter from the wind or snow.

Its ribs and spine were showing, and investigators determined that the horse had died from malnutrition and starvation.

Joseph and Brenda Dush were jailed on $10,000 bail each. Their preliminary hearings are scheduled for April 6.

From now on, the couple will not be allowed to own any other horses.

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