Brookville, PA – Hunters are on the lookout after a woman was attacked by what was likely a coyote in the Brookville area.

The nurse had been working at Laurelbrooke Landing when she stepped outside just after midnight early Sunday morning to take her break. That’s when she says she was attacked by an animal.

Although most people have been referring to the animal as a coyote, the police report describes the animal as a medium size canine, gray in color, possibly a husky or a coyote.

Whatever the animal might have been, the attack was brutal. Police say the woman needed about 18 stitches. Officers are also concerned that the animal could be rabid. If the coyote isn’t killed and tested, the woman will need to undergo a series of rabies shots.

According to Pennsylvania law, coyotes can be shot by anyone with a general hunting license, except for during deer, elk, bear, or turkey season, in which case you’ll usually need one of those licenses. They can be hunted during any time of day or night, even on Sundays. You do not need to be wearing orange.

Coyotes can be shot legally with most rifles (including semiautomatic and air guns), handguns, shotguns, bows and crossbows. The weapon must not use shot larger than size number four buckshot, and you can’t use anything that is not a legal weapon.

If you have seen a coyote or know more about what might have attacked the woman, please call the Brookville Police at 814-849-5323 or the Game Commission at 814-432-3187 or 814-432-3188.

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