Sykesville, PA – How do we handle drug abuse and addiction? It’s a question that doesn’t have any simple answer, but officials in Sykesville and the Lions Club took the first step to finding solutions.

They teamed up for the first of what could be ongoing town hall meetings to discuss the opioid epidemic.

The panel speakers ranged from people from the Drug and Alcohol Commission, treatment groups, the county’s drug task force, police officers, detectives, and even the county coroner.

All of them spoke about the immense influence that drugs have on our community, the resources that are available to addicts, and how they capture people who continue the cycle of addiction by selling these deadly drugs.

The floor was then opened to the public discussion, which ranged from questions about the effectiveness of treatment to emotional stories of how drugs have affected their own families.

Janie Braid, the Drug Free Communities Coalition Coordinator, gave a clear and positive reminder at the end of the night, though. She says that the vast majority of teenagers do not abuse drugs.

Jefferson County Detective Jeffrey Lee encourages people that if they see something suspicious, don’t be afraid to say something to authorities.

You can also always dial 211 or visit to get connected with all kinds of resources to make your life easier and your community safer.

Video below: Janie Braid from the Drug Free Communities Coalition shows some of the ways that drug users, especially teens, can conceal their drug use.

Learn about some of the statistics and most common ways that kids use drugs. Live at the Sykesville Town Hall meeting about opioid epidemic.

Posted by Connect FM on Tuesday, March 13, 2018


Video below: Question and answer section at the Sykesville Town Hall opioid epidemic discussion

Questions at the Sykesville Town Hall opioid on epidemic conversation

Posted by Connect FM on Tuesday, March 13, 2018

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