DuBois, PA – This weekend’s Rotary Radio Auction raised an astounding amount of money, all of which will be put to good use within our community.

Just during this Saturday’s auction, the DuBois Rotary Club raised $32,258. That’s the most since 2006, and the second highest amount over the past 16 years.

Each year, Sunny 106 airs the DuBois Rotary Radio Auction to raise money for the Rotary Club. Business and individuals from around the area donate items, gift certificates, and experiences to be auctioned off for the charity.

One longtime Rotary member, Bob Javens, talks about where the money goes.

This is the Rotary’s only fundraiser, so it’s incredibly important that people call in each year to place bids and make donations.

All of the money stays within our own community and will provide scholarships, teen leaderships training, and support for local non-profit organizations.

Learn more about the DuBois Rotary Club at their website or Facebook page.

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