DuBois, PA – After police got a call earlier this week about a suspicious white van, law enforcement around the county are still investigating.

A concerned motorist made the report on Monday morning that they heard a child in distress in a van near Shaffer Road and Commons Drive.

Although the caller says they didn’t actually see any passengers in the windowless van, they could reportedly hear what sounded like a little girl kicking at the inside of the vehicle and shouting “help me.”

There were no Amber alerts for missing children at the time. Police are using video footage of the area to continue the investigation.

Because they only received one call to begin with, it’s still unclear whether anyone was actually ever in danger.

Officers say that if you see a suspicious vehicle, one of the most important things you can do is to get the license plate number. With that information, they can immediately begin searching for the person involved.

If you have any information about the white van incident or any other suspicious behavior, please call your local police.

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