Weedville, PA – A series of gun thefts struck at least two Weedville homes. Police are still searching for the person who stole the firearms.

In the first case, 28-year-old Jacob Hoyle reported that someone took an all-black Smith & Wesson M&P Magpul Edition AR-15, .223/556, with a Nikon scope and custom muzzle break from his house along Spring Run Road in Weedville. It could have happened anytime between Saturday and Monday.

Another Spring Run Road home was broken into. 49-year-old Andrew Geyer reported that five pistols and three rifles were stolen from his home on Monday. Police don’t give an exact description of those firearms.

Both thefts remain under investigation. If you know who might have been involved, please call State Police in Ridgway at 814-776-6136.

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