Clarion, PA – A Clarion Elementary School student was arrested for making a bomb threat.

The student was taken into custody on Tuesday, and the charges will be handled through the juvenile system. The verbal threat was made to other students, who then reported it to school staff members.

The State Police Bomb Squad investigated at the Clarion Elementary School but found no explosive devices.

Meanwhile, the elementary students were taken to the high school for the day.

This is just one of many threats that have been made throughout our area, and actually throughout the country, just weeks after the deadly shooting that killed 17 people at a Florida school.

So far, this seems to be one of the youngest students charged for making a threat in our area within the past few weeks.

Making threats is never a joke. Remind your students that these kinds of fake threats can lead to serious charges. They distract police from important work, are a waste of resources, and can lead to panic.

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