Stump Creek, PA – A Stump Creek man was scammed out of $1,000 in February. The unidentified 45-year-old man found a vehicle on the Craigslist website and contacted the seller.

He was asked to purchase five eBay gift cards for $200 and send them to the seller, which he did. He never received the vehicle in return.

The man sent the gift cards on Feb. 9. Police are still investigating this case.

If someone asks you to pay for a product in an unusual way, such as gift cards, that is a sign of a scam.

Another common scam happens when a buyer sends the seller a check for more than what the item is worth, then asks for the person to send the extra money back to them. The check will almost always end up not clearing and is usually fake.

If something doesn’t seem right, you can always call your local police station for their advice.

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