Clearfield, PA – A Clearfield County man was given a long prison sentence for organizing his family’s drug ring and selling cocaine.

46-year-old Todd Anderson of Madera pleaded guilty and was sentenced to a total of 8 to 16 years in state prison.

Police say that Anderson had been the ring leader of a local drug ring and had been the person who was bringing cocaine into Clearfield County from Beaver County.

This comes after a lengthy investigation in spring of last year, in which police used controlled purchases to prove that the family was dealing cocaine.

The ring allegedly involved Todd Anderson’s wife, 35-year-old Catherine Anderson of Madera, along with her brother, 27-year-old Robert Gavlak II of Houtzdale. It also spread out to more of the Gavlak family, including Anderson’s mother-in-law, 51-year-old Pamela Gavlak of Houtzdale. Anderson’s uncle, 37-year-old Leroy Bryant of Osceola Mills was also reportedly part of the drug ring.

During the investigation, officers seized more than 70 grams of cocaine, $2,750 in cash, and various drug paraphernalia.

Police say that Anderson had been selling cocaine for more than a year before he was arrested. The ring was reportedly selling more than $10,000 of cocaine each month.

The defense argued that Anderson had been a model citizen and hadn’t begun to sell drugs until he moved to Clearfield County and couldn’t find a job. However, the judge ruled for a long sentence, partially to deter others from coming into the area and selling drugs.

The cases are still pending for the rest of the people accused of being involved in the drug ring.

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