Pennsylvania – As February comes to a close, consumers everywhere are prepping for tax season, gathering receipts and files to make sure everything is in order for Tax Day in April. Here are the top tax trends.

Nobody really loves tax season… that’s a given. However, what may surprise you is what consumers are willing to do to get out of paying their taxes. surveyed over 1,000 consumers to find the top tax season trends for 2018. So, how are Pennsylvania citizens filing this tax season?

Pennsylvania’s Top Tax Season Trends:

**     Nearly 18% of Pennsylvania consumers say they would rather shave their head than pay taxes this year! 18% answered they’d rather go without the internet and social media for a year, and 17% said they’d rather show their browser history to their S.O. to get out of paying taxes.

**     While most Pennsylvania consumers are unsure, 30% believe the new tax bill will have no impact on their refund, while 16% believe it will increase their return.

**     The biggest concern for tax season: 18% of Pennsylvania citizens worry that they will make a mistake when filing.

**    Most Pennsylvania consumers will use their tax refund to put away in a savings fund (34%), to pay off debt (31%) and for regular, everyday expenses (23%).

**     Most consumers in Pennsylvania file their taxes in February (36%), followed by March (22%) and January (20%). And 12% wait until the day before or on Tax Day to file!

**     As for how Pennsylvania consumers file, 47% use an accountant or firm to file their taxes, while 35% opt for a tax software service like TurboTax or H&RBlock

Remember, taxes must be filed this year by Tuesday, April 17.

You can see the full survey results at the report.

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