Punxsutawney, PA – A Punxsutawney woman is facing child endangerment charges after police reportedly found the family was living in unsafe conditions.

Police came to the Marvin Street home of 23-year-old Samantha Cochran on Jan. 27 for a welfare check.

Police found that six adults and one child were living in the home. The home was heated with a wood burner, which filled the house with smoke and was kept with the burner’s door open where the child could have easily been injured.

There were reportedly also 13 dogs living in the home, and there were dog feces found under end tables. The home had outlets with exposed bare wires, uneven flooring, ashtrays all around the house, tobacco grinds on the tables, and dirty dishes left everywhere. The walls were wrapped in plastic. The outside of the home also had large amounts of garbage.

The child was taken to CYS under protective custody.

Cochran is facing a misdemeanor charge for endangering the welfare of children. Her preliminary hearing is scheduled for March 13.

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